Now is the perfect time to learn Ayurveda as the model of healthcare throughout the world is shifting to become more natural, herbal and integrative.

Ayurvedis a healing art and a science. Desding from Acharya Charaka, Acharya Sushruta and Acharya Vagbhata, it is one of apprenticeship in which the student learns from the teacher, who shares knowledge and experiences to assist the student in developing a conceptual framework and fundamental working knowledge. we provide authentic education in a supportive environment that encourages the integration of Ayurveda by individuals into their daily living and by health care professionals into their clinical practices.

Our education programs draw students from around the world and from many professions and backgrounds. Students repeatedly express how transformational their time here is, highlighting the authenticity and depth of our offerings and the care and expertise of our institute.


Why Dhee Ayurved for learning Ayurveda?

  • We offer the most authentic education
  • Learn from expert university lecturers and Ayurveda doctors
  • Convenient location, ideal facilities
  • Long distance learning option
  • Multiple payment plans
  • Work with the most renowned Ayurveda universities in India
  • Government approved institute
  • Offer job opportunities national and international


Ayurveda Beauty Care

The course has been designed for the persons who are interesting in the field of Ayurveda and for the beauticians. The course will be covered within 3 months’ time. The contents of the course mainly divided in to two components as follows.


Bend your body and mend your mind.The course opens for persons who are interest to have healthy & wealthy life. No age limit.


Yoga and Pranayama

Bend your body and mend your mind.The course opens for persons who are interest to have healthy & wealthy life. No age limit.

Ayurveda medical tourism

The course specially designed for the persons who are involved in the field of tourism in Sri Lanka.


Ayurveda beauty therapy
Yoga for better living
Introduction of ayurveda
Ayurveda massage and marma points
Ayurveda nutrition and cooking

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